Evidence Based Motor Skills Training
For children with developmental coordination disorder

News  NTT Workshop in Cape Town
31 August -2 September 2018
Neuromotor Task Training for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Presenters: Prof Bouwien Smits-Engelsman and Dr Eugene Rameckers  

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Research update

New research from the DCD team in the Division of Physiotherapy, UCT highlights differences in physical fitness in subgroups of children with DCD and the need to pay attention to fitness .'The outcome of the present study confirms the heterogeneity of DCD and supports similar findings reported in the literature. In general, children with DCD exhibit different fitness performance. The results indicate that the pattern of physical fitness subtypes differ among children with DCD and those with typical motor development. This underscores the need for future studies to simultaneously but separately consider motor skills development and physical fitness among children with motor problems. "  Read more


What is DCD? 

DCD is a condition that impacts on the lives of many children. Recent research has highlighted the value of goal focused, context oriented and task based approaches to help children with DCD and other developmental movement disorders improve their motor skills. Read more

What is NTT? 

Neuromotor Task Training is a principled approach to intervention based on an understanding the deep connections between the child, the task and the environment, an in depth analysis of the factors affecting task performance and the application of  evidence principles of motor learning.  Read more